Audio Engineer Katherine Gonzalez Talks Mask Posse of Las Vegas and Her Local’s Efforts In The Fight Against COVID-19

Katherine Gonzalez is an audio engineer and for two weeks she watched gigs she was scheduled to work get canceled day after day.  

“Since the crisis, my role in the effort is community outreach for Local 720,” says Gonzalez. “I spend my mornings from 8am to noon calling nursing homes, orphanages, homeless shelters and food banks.” 

During this process, Gonzalez says her Local started a Facebook group named the Mask Posse of Las Vegas and in just days they had over 200 members and close to 70 volunteers working in various roles. 

“It takes 4-5 days to fulfill orders but we help with laundry, 3-D printing and we also have delivery drivers,” says Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez says the Local’s Mask Posse Coordinator and Head of The Women’s Committee, Tracy Lightel coordinates all the drop-offs and process for deliveries.  

“Tracy is a huge part of our efforts success,” says Gonzalez. “We have donated over 1000 masks and have 20 drivers that provide pick-up and delivery materials for our masks.” 

“It has been incredibly eye opening for me to hear through people’s voices, tones, and their words of just how much of a difference this donation will make in their daily lives,” she says. 

Gonzalez says although it’s under unfortunate circumstances, the coronavirus has brought their community together. 

“Bringing us all together, is the biggest benefit of this virus,” she says. “It’s incredible. It doesn’t matter your gender or race, everyone is involved.” It makes me smile to also see the great amount of men who have volunteered to sew and cut the masks too.” 

Gonzalez says their Local has welcomed both IA members and non-members in an effort to increase the scope and size of their impact in Las Vegas. 

“My hope is the unity of our community and efforts has a positive perception on those who are non-members,” says Gonzalez. “Kudos to the entire strip industry.” 

Stagehand Masks

Pictured here is Audio Engineer Katherine Gonzalez wearing her mask.
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