Local 600 Member Gareth Manwaring and His Wife Convert Their Coffee Shop, Into a Food Pantry.

Pictured here is Local 600 Member Garreth Manwaring and his family.

Local 600 Member Gareth Manwaring and his wife converted their coffee shop, Roots Cafe, into a food pantry/soup kitchen in Brooklyn, New York.

“Since my job as the B 1st AC on The Blacklist has ended due to the virus, my wife and I have been focusing on helping our neighborhood and our great city,” says Manwaring. “We transformed our coffee shop into a food pantry/soup kitchen/coffee shop!”

Manwaring says in this time of crisis, they will be providing free Vegan Chili and Grilled Cheese as well as pantry items and large doses of hope.

“We would love it if our union members would join in this with us,” he added.

If you would like to support Gareth, he encourages members to please stop by and grab a bag of your favorite Forty Weight Coffee, a Drink, a meal, or drop off some canned/dried goods or donate to their Gofundme.

You can also help by contacting Gareth at garethmanwaring@gmail.com

Volunteer Joanna carried an incredibly heavy bag filled with items you have donated to the food pantry to a family in need.

Volunteer Ryan brought groceries to 8 single, immigrant moms many who were domestic workers and are now unable to work due to COVID-19

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