IATSE Weekly Newsletter 4/9/2021

News Updates

The Enormous Impact of Eroded Collective Bargaining on Wages

Economic Policy Institute - Wikipedia

A major factor depressing wage growth for middle earners and driving the growth of wage inequality over the last four decades has been the erosion of collective bargaining. The share of workers covered by a collective bargaining agreement fell from 27.0% in 1979 to just 11.6% in 2019. Rebuilding collective bargaining is a necessary component of any policy agenda to reestablish robust wage growth for the vast majority of workers in the United States, and broader unionization would lessen racial inequities and benefit women as much as men. Read More ➔

OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety Course Application Now Available


The next No Fee OSHA 10/General Entertainment Safety course application is now available. You can apply for the May 24-25 distance learning class today! Download the application on the TTF website 

IATSE Local 12 Presents: Backstage Benefit Concert Series

TONIGHT 7pm ET, join The IATSE Local 12 Young Workers Committee for a night of LIVE music from The Midland Theatre as we show support for the talented kin behind the curtain. 100% of the proceeds from the concert go into the Backstage Benefit Fund which helps local entertainment workers in need. RSVP Here ➔

RSVP For the 25th Annual Art Directors Guild Awards


Join the Art Directors Guild and host JB Smoove for the 25th Annual Art Directors Guild Awards on Saturday, April 10! RSVP Here 

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We are sunsetting IATSEcares.org

In March 2020, COVID-19 upended the entire entertainment industry and so many of our lives. During the uncertainty, IATSE, the ‘union behind entertainment’, launched IATSE C.A.R.E.S. to support its membership as the crisis proliferated.

Thankfuklly, we’ve come a long way since that time. While we are no longer supporting grocery deliveries or check-in calls, we will leave IATSEcares.org intact for historical purposes. We want to thank every volunteer who participated when other members needed them most.