Who Should VolunteerPlease only sign up if you are a member in good standing, feeling healthy (displaying no symptoms of COVID-19), and have not traveled out of the country or come in contact with a sick person in the past 14 days.  It is important that we continue to maintain social distancing practices.

Process to becoming part of the Volunteer Pool: Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email that we received your application.  Once we confirm your IATSE membership and you are cleared to volunteer, we will present you with critical additional terms to review and agree upon as a condition of participation. Included in those details will be expectations about your behavior and best practices as a volunteer as well as additional health information, including CDC safety protocols. 

As Members In Need come forward, we will reach out to the appropriate volunteers via email or text message.  If you are able to help a Member in Need, both parties will be connected and you will be responsible for arranging the fine details, including reimbursement/payment in advance for delivered goods.

As Needed; As Available: Since we are in a very unique time, everything is subject to change. We understand that people’s daily lives, city/state lock downs, etc. will be constantly in flux. This is on an as-needed basis for all volunteers.  Our initial goal is to be able to successfully respond to and provide for a MIN within a 72 hour window.  The more volunteers that sign up, the more we are able to help members of our union.

Before continuing your participation in IATSE C.A.R.E.S.–Coronavirus Active Response and Engagement Service (“IATSE Cares” or the “Program”) in consideration for being permitted to participate in any way, you must read the following terms and conditions of this form and agree that your participation shall be subject to the following terms:

I am 18 years of age or older and I hereby request permission to volunteer or take part in IATSE Cares. I acknowledge and represent that my participation in IATSE Cares is not intended to constitute an employment relationship nor shall I take any position to the contrary. I acknowledge and agree that participation in IATSE Cares is and shall remain in the capacity solely as that of a volunteer and I do not expect and shall not receive any remuneration or be entitled to any payments, rights, or benefits afforded to employees under any laws, rules or regulations (including insurance coverage).

The IATSE may obtain photograph or audio/video recordings related to my participation in IATSE Cares. I hereby consent to the IATSE’s use, posting or publication of my voice, likeness, and/or image for promotional, educational and informational purposes.
I am in good health and have no physical condition, illness or injury which would, solely or combination with any other circumstances, affect my ability to fully participate as a volunteer or expose others to risk and have not been advised otherwise by a medical practitioner. I knowingly and voluntarily accept and assume responsibility for any risks and/or dangers that could arise out of, or occur during, my participation in the Program, regardless of the cause.

I, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue IATSE, its officers, employees, and agents from liability from any and all claims resulting in personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death), and property loss arising from, or related to, participation in the Program. I further agree to indemnify and hold IATSE harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities brought as a result of my participation in the Program and agree to reimburse IATSE for any such expenses incurred on my behalf.

I agree that the foregoing waiver, indemnification, and assumption of risks set forth above in this waiver agreement are intended to be construed as broadly and inclusively as is permitted by the laws of the United States and Canada. If any portion thereof is held invalid, the remaining portions shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

As a volunteer, I agree that I will not ask individuals about illness, health or other personal conditions. I acknowledge that I may have access, directly or indirectly, to sensitive or confidential information concerning or relating to recipients, beneficiaries or participants in the Program, including but not limited to IATSE members, associates, employees, and other volunteers (“Confidential Information”). I agree that Confidential Information accessed during my participation in the Program shall be used solely for the purposes of my volunteer activities and, without exception, I shall hold all Confidential Information in confidence. I shall not use, publish, disseminate or otherwise disclose to any third party any Confidential Information either during or after my participation in the Program, except as specifically required for the limited purpose of volunteer activities.

I have read this agreement carefully, and intending to be legally bound, by submitting the “IATSE C.A.R.E.S. — ”Volunteer” form (https://iatsecares.org/volunteer/) I acknowledge that I have voluntarily agreed to the above terms.

Revised: April 21, 2020

We expect that volunteers participating in IATSE Cares will exhibit behaviors that represent the principals of the IATSE and its members. We expect sensible and conscientious fulfillment of any volunteer efforts you choose to undertake. However, continue to maintain your own health, safety, and security. Please act in good faith and exercise sound judgement throughout this process. 

When venturing out into public as a volunteer, no volunteer should feel compelled to enter another person’s home. (e.g., a volunteer delivering supplies to a member in need should arrange to leave the items at the door and later confirm that the member retrieved the item(s)).   All exchanges should similarly be completed without face-to-face interaction or physical contact. Rather, in all cases, volunteers should maintain adequate social distancing (e.g., a six-foot distance from others) and otherwise observe the recommendations or mandates of applicable government public health organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and all other national, state, provincial, or local agencies.

As examples, agency guidance suggests: Frequent hand washing with soap and hot water (or frequent disinfecting hand sanitizer); avoid touching nose, mouth and eyes with unwashed hands;        cover coughs and sneezes using a tissue or paper towel, dispose of tissue, wash hands; clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, in accordance with governmental health agency guidelines.

Please also consider and stay apprised of any governmental rules or ordinances in place within your community. Remain aware of travel restrictions, curfews, quarantine, and similar notices. Finally, if you develop symptoms or become ill, do not volunteer.

Since this is a voluntary service, as described above, monetary tipping should be neither expected nor accepted. We are working together to serve and provide for each other without any type of financial compensation. 

Follow the standard practices coming out of public health organizations:

  • If you have symptoms or feel ill, don’t volunteer
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and hot water, or use disinfecting, hand sanitizer frequently.
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyeswith unwashed hands.
  • Try to maintain a 6’ social distancing zone with others.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes using a tissue or paper towel, dispose of tissue, wash hands
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touch surfaces

Additional practices for volunteers:

Avoid direct hand offs. When you get to the door, call the member and leave the item at the door and wait for them to come to the door and pick it up. If you do a direct hand off, wash or disinfect your hands immediately.

We have a “do not enter the premises” policy. This protects everyone across the board. Remind the member they may want to wipe down the delivered item(s). While shopping, you may want to bring disinfectant wipes to wipe down the carts or items to pick up. Wash or disinfect hands frequently. Volunteer may want a plastic tray or box to transport items in their cars.

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